Our mission

Mobilisation and connection

We mobilise and connect the technology industry in order to meet every challenge and answer every question set by the world of today and tomorrow. We do this to boost the earning capacity of both our individual members and the industry as a whole.

FME is the number one employers' organisation in the technology industry. The 2,200 affiliated companies employ a total of 220,000 people and are active in the fields of manufacturing, trade, automation and maintenance in the metal, electronics, electrotechnology and plastics sectors. The combined turnover of all FME members is € 75 billion, their collective added value amounts to over € 21 billion, and their exports total € 39 billion. FME members therefore account for one-sixth of all Dutch exports.

FME promotes its members' interests in The Hague, Brussels, and around the globe. FME also supports its member companies with regard to all aspects of business operations, from employment-law matters to environmental issues, and from innovation processes to the promotion of exports. In addition, FME works hard to promote the interests of its 60 affiliated trade associations.

Key figures

  • 2,200 member companies, employing 220,000 employees in total
  • yearly turnover totalling € 75 billion
  • direct export totalling € 39 billion
  • 181 employees at FME
  • support to 60 trade associations