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Ampowr B.V.

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High Tech (HTSM)

Battery Energy Storage Systems.
We provide cutting-edge battery systems integrated with our proprietary Energy Optimization Platform, Cosmos™.

Our holistic solution autonomously optimizes your energy assets for peak performance, leveraging the synergy of advanced hardware and intelligent software.

The future of smart energy.
A unified energy ecosystem with Ampowr’s all-in-one solution. Our Battery Energy Storage Systems and Cosmos software seamlessly integrate with your assets.

Our holistic approach simplifies energy management across the board from battery storage and renewable generation to facility operations, grid integration, and even EV charging. We engineer ecosystems that are not only sustainable and efficient but also revenue-generating.

Our ultimate goal at Ampowr is to become the new future utility provider and lead the energy transition toward a sustainable net-zero future. As a leading provider of cutting-edge battery energy storage systems, powered by renewable energy sources we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to our industrial, commercial, and residential customers.


Ampowr B.V.
Rijnzathe 16 7th floor
3454PV De Meern


Rijnzathe 16 7th floor
3454PV De Meern

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