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Industrial Technologies & Services Etten-Leur B.V.

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As part of SPX FLOW Inc., SPX FLOW Technology Etten-Leur B.V. is representing the Delair brand. Delair is devoted to the supply of world-class solutions for the handling of compressed air, gases and water vapor. Industrial dehydration applications include steel mills, automotive, pharmaceutical oil/gas, petrochemical and food/beverage sectors. Delair engineered dehumidification systems protect electrical and electronic systems in telecommunications, broadcast, commercial and military applications around the globe.

We offer our customers both custom-designed and off-the-shelf industrial solutions. Whatever the challenge, our systems can help to optimize production yields, prevent the spoilage of stored products, prolong industrial life cycles and protect the health workers.

Delair industrial solutions respectively deal with large-scale purification, filtering and dehydration demands - encompassing high-capacity refrigerant and absorption dryer installations, vent gas purification systems, gas separators and nitrogen generators. In order to minimize disruption and maximize uptime, bespoke maintenance contracts and other aftermarket services can be established to accommodate the exact operational requirements of the customer’s installation.


Industrial Technologies & Services Etten-Leur B.V.
Munnikenheiweg 41
4879NE Etten-Leur


Postbus 570
4870AN Etten-Leur

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